Support Services

Customer Care Center

Compsi Customer Care Center is the authorized service provider for HP products. The technical staff at Compsi is trained and certified by Hewlett Packard. In addition to HP, Compsi has Microsoft and Cisco certified engineers. HP’s certification gives Compsi a unique distinction among IT service providers.

Compsi customer care center delivers comprehensive support to individuals as well as to companies on a country wide basis. Ranging from desktops to high-end laser printers, scanners, Laptops & servers; Compsi provides extremely efficient and dependable technical services for all your IT products.

Maintenance Contracts

IT products are prone to problems throughout their lifecycle. These issues are a constant headache for IT Departments of large organizations. The downtime faced, and the energy wasted is painful. Compsi Customer Care Center relieves all your pains by giving you a comprehensive Maintenance Contract Solution. Have an agreement with us on yearly basis, and we will take care of all your IT problems. Just sit back, relax, concentrate on your core business, and let Compsi take care of your IT Equipment.

Fast Warranty Coverage

Compsi is the Authorized Service Center of HP. This means that we claim product warranties directly to HP and reduce substantial downtime of your IT equipment. Our problem diagnosis is quick, and warranty procedures are seamless. Working with HP for almost three decades, Compsi is the best option of warranty services in Pakistan.

Genuine Parts Availability & Replacement

Compsi Customer Care Center maintains a healthy stock of Genuine parts of IT equipment. This makes sure that if your equipment has any malfunctioning part, you can easily replace it with a new one and have a fresh and genuine experience.


Reliable Repair Services

Even though Genuine part replacement should be the first priority, Compsi teams can also provide you extremely reliable repairing services. The technicians are highly skilled and can get your product repaired in very little time. This gives you cost-advantage over genuine part replacement and your problem is solved satisfactorily as well.

Preventive Care

Problems can occur anywhere, anytime. But, what if you take Preemptive actions to avoid these problems beforehand. Compsi provides you this exact facility. Even though your machine is running fine and upbeat, we do thorough checkup and complete servicing of it to make sure, that any future problem is forestalled or totally avoided. Compsi teams recommend that you have preventive services for your products at least every 3 Months.

Preventive Care

Expert Advice

Compsi Engineers are one of the most experienced and highly skilled technicians in the industry. If you are facing any problem or issue regarding your IT Equipment which you have never experienced before [or no one can solve it], you can contact our talented engineers and have their expert advice on the issue. Be assured, that every problem has a solution at Compsi.

Setup & Installation

When you buy high-end IT equipment from HP, like HP Designjet Plotters, Workstations or Servers, Compsi Customer Care can provide you easy setup and installation at your premises. We ensure that your equipment is deployed perfectly, and is ready for your business use.

Software Support

The software is literally the brain of your hardware. They need upgrades and maintenance frequently to keep them updated and well-functioning. Compsi teams give you complete software support from Installation to its Maintenance and further upgrades. If you are facing any software issues in your Laptop, system, printer, or any product, you can contact Compsi Customer Care for support.